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I'm thinking about getting a new laptop (mainly for internet use, nothing special but needs to be wireless and able to handle streaming videos with ease). I've seen a few of those ultra small laptops, has anyone used them? Are they any good? Is there a more appropriate laptop for my needs?



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The Samsung NC10 seems to be quite popular at around £300. Any other suggestions? Maybe something with a CD/DVD drive.


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Netbooks are fantastic for what they are intended for (spend more time on my NC10 these days than the four laptops I have). Personally opted for the Samsung due to having such great reports back from people using them day to day. They live up to their reputation of probably being the best out there in the sub £400 (Apple run all over them any day but cost 4 times as much)

But do you need a Netbook or Notebook? What are you true intended uses, how portable, price and finally must have features? :lease:
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It doesn't need to be that portable as it'll mainly be used at home.
I mostly use my current laptop for browsing the internet, streaming videos and playing online poker.
I'd like it if the machine could play some games (obviously not the latest stuff, I hear the NC10 can run Diablo 2, which would be perfect).
As for price, I'd say no more than £800, though ideally I'd prefer to keep it under £400.

NC10 might be the way to go. I think my only other cheap option would be a Dell.

edit - not overly worried about a low spec laptop struggling to run Vista as I'll be downgrading to XP Home Edition.

Must have features...a decent keyboard (NC10 looks fine), I'd like to have a CD/DVD drive but it's not essential so long as it has plenty of USB ports (again, the NC10 looks fine).
Obviously it must be wireless (connecting to BT Homehub, up to 8mb with an average speed of 3.5-5mb), the Homehub is on the ground floor and I'll be on the second floor so it needs to be quite powerful. This is probably the most important feature. What's the NC10 like, wireless over distance?

I'm currently using a 5/6 year old HP Pavilion ze4700 (not a bad laptop but it's definitely showing its age). My main concern with netbooks is that I'll end up with a smaller version of what I already have (XP sp2, mobile AMD Athlon XP2800+, 958mb ram, Radeon IGP 320M, 40gb HDD).
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Go for the Samsung mate you'll not regret it, in answer to the wireless i get a good strength connection in my bedroom which is in the the opposite corner of the house upstairs (obviously) and the router is in my living room. I havn't touch my desktop since getting this and that was 3 weeks ago!


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If you want something beefier, this is decent for the money:

Less battery life than the Samsung and no bluetooth, but a pretty impressive spec

Asus X50RL - £369.99: Asus X50RL Laptop -

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