laptop not working, advice needed plz


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can anyone shed any light on my problem i have.:confused:
i have a acer 1692wlmi
problem i have is after i turn it on it does the system check and sometimes goes past this and i get to try to reinstall software. but most of the time what i get is a conataminated screen on start up with lines flashing all over the text and i locks out with the screen full of garbadge.
i first thought the memory was at fault as i have 2 banks of 512 in it and when this first started to do it i took a bank out and it fixed it for a couple of weeks. but now i have just bought 2 more memory banks ( 1 meg each )and i still have the same problem. so im £50 light in the wallet and still have a buggerd laptop:mad:
laptop was running XP, what i was trying todo was a startup disk so i can have the DOS prompt on screen so i can try a BIOS update. but typical vista homebase refuses to do one and now laptop wont even turn its screen on..does anyone have a shovel handy.....:D


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can you post a photo of the image that is corrupted? When i've seen this type of symptom before, it has been the video memory at fault - which is not user replaceable.

just a guess at this stage however.. doesnt sound good though.:thumbsdow


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before you try and fix the problem,how old is the laptop?

if it's less than a year old get on to who ever you bought it from first.

then see if you can fix it yourself.

it does sound like a video problem either the chip has packed in or a loose connection


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thank you all so much for your monster quick reply's..:thumbsup:
the laptop is about 3 years old im sorry to say. so well outside any warrantys, taking a picture is not a problem of the defect but getting anything to work on this bloody vista homebase system im on is pointless.
so if you all think the finger of guilt is pointing at the graphic's card then im well peeved as i just spent £50 on memory... strange how taking out one of the banks of memory fixed the problem the first time for a couple of weeks though:confused:
im gona take it apart this afternoon and see like yuo say maybe just something not plugged in properly... if


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just an update.
took laptop apart with only 2 screws left over when put back together :D
i could not see any real reason why laptop is duff, all leads were/are in place no obvious signs of burnout. gave it a good clean.
after i turn on laptop with power button
1 green light under button comes on
2 fan rotate's at high speed then comes down to tickover
3 dvd whirls around then stops
4 3 green lights next to on button flash for a second then go out

the screen never turns on anymore and keyboard is inactive and is not live..:confused:


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it can be the backlight or the video card. I have had a similar problem in the past and the repair charges quoted did not make sense to get it repaired. it was better to sell it as faulty on ebay and just buy another one.


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thank you both for the reply.
if i take out memory laptop does nothing
if i take out hard drive laptop does nothing
if i take them both out laptop does nothing

im thinking what if i stand on the thing and do the twist will it work then?...:)

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