Laptop > LCD TV - Best resolution for HD DVD playback?


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Hi, i was hoping someone could tell me which resolution to change my graphics card to so that i can get the best quality picture for my HD DVDs. I am hooking up my laptop to my LCD TV via an HDMI to HDMI cable. My TVs resolution is listed as 1366x768 and i have a Nvidia GeForce Go 7600. Having had a play around with some different resolutions ive had mixed results. Sometimes the text is very blurry and hard to read and i assumed that this would be the same for the DVD picture? (i didnt actually try playing a DVD with these settings). I assumed that because my TV supports HD i would be able to have a resolution (x) by 720? Is this not the case?

To sum it up im basically not bothered by blurry text on the desktop as long as my HD DVDs are at the best quality possible.

Thanks in advance for any replies!!


p.s. I have an intermediate PC knowledge so any explanations may need dumbing down :thumbsup:

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