Laptop, Ipad, Chromebook ???

Steve Adlem

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Hoping for some advice.

Would like to know opinions on what is best. Its for my parents, they currently have to Zoom call their daughter/my sister on their mobile phone. She lives abroad and havent seen in each other in over a year. Its not great as they are hunched over a small phone when they speak, but they should be able to have a better screen and technology so it makes it easier for them.

Its for very simple use, just internet searching, email and the current Zoom calls.
Nothing too expensive needed. But it is my mums birthday in two weeks and dad has said the present should be to upgrade for their benefits so budget might not be an issue if there is something that fits the bill.

My biggest question is the title. Laptop, Ipad or Chromebook??? (i think im a little adverse to a chromebook, mainly because i dont know anything about them) - Im hedging toward laptop but looking for some more expert advice.

Any thoughts very much appreciated.



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Any of them would do the job well.

Personally I'd actually gravitate towards a decent Chromebook, they're dead easy to use, the latest ones can use either the web based zoom page or install the Android app.
They're dead easy to use, even if you properly balls something up you can reset and restore your settings in a few minutes.

I might also consider either an iPad or possibly even a second hand MacBook.

Speaking from experience of being the families tech guy any of those 3 options would be easy to use, reliable and most importantly easy to support as there's not really that much that can go wrong. I've regretted recommending windows laptops to relatives so many times however I recommended a MacBook to my sister a couple of years ago and she hasn't asked for my help since (and bought a second Mac for the rest of her family to use)

Steve Adlem

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Thanks Jamie

So you are recommending, Chromebook, then MacBook then Ipad then Laptop in that order?

Chromebook being possibly the better option for ease of use for my parents (who are in their mid 70s so need something straight forward easy and simple to use)?
No complications tech is needed, is what im (they) are looking for.


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The order is very subjective TBH but yes I definitely recommend a Chromebook (or possibly an ipad) over a laptop. I can't speak for your parents needs but my in-laws are enjoying their Chromebook.

They are available in lots of different varients, from a traditional laptop form factor, through to devices that can be used as both a tablet and a laptop, either by unclipping a removable keyboard or some have a 360 degree hinge so the keyboard folds all the way back.

My in laws have an Asus one that folds through 360 degrees with a touchscreen so it can be used as both a tablet and laptop. They're a little paranoid about security after attempted online fraud on their bank account so they love not faffing with security and anti virus software.


Steve Adlem

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No further forward on this matter, but did have a WhatsApp chat with my sister today wo has said:

Microsoft Surface Pro / or Go / or Go 2

I have no experience in these things so can anyone advise if this a good option??

Queens Pawn

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I have chromebooks, laptops, and surface pros and iPads.

I would go with a basic iPad for basic zoom, email and surfing.

Chromebooks are great but less polished user experience.
Surfaces are not as good as laptops or iPads.

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