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Laptop hdmi to tv issues


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Hi there

i have connected my new laptop to my tv through hdmi and i cannot get the right resolution. when i connect it to the hdmi/dvi port i can select my perfect resolution which is 1360 x 768, however on the normal hdmi ports the closest i get is 1366x768, small change i no but it makes a big difference.

Anyone know why how how to fix this ?

also i have my tv connected to my amp by optical cable and in my realtek settings i can only select stereo? does the digital signal not go through the hdmi through the optical cable to the amp ?


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The best resolution to use is normally the TV's native resolution. Is that where you get the 1360x768 from - or do you mean that's what you want it set at? It would be helpful if you posted what TV you're using to help any further with this.

Most TVs will not pass 5.1 audio (I assume that's what you meant?) from the HDMI input to the optical out. Connecting the HDMI connection from the laptop through the amp would give you 5.1 audio. Again you haven't said what amp you have, so this may not be possible with what you have.


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Thanks for the reply steve,
the native resolution is what i want to set it to, however i can only use it on the "hdmi/dvi" hdmi port. On the normal ones i get more resolutions up to 1080p but not the one i want the native one.
i found this quite weird?

And im using the hdmi port because i wanted the digtial sound aswell.

Im using samsung le32b450
laptop is Aspire 5551

and my amp does not have a hdmi port only coaxil optical and stereo.


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the native resolution is what i want to set it to, however i can only use it on the "hdmi/dvi" hdmi port.

So why aren't you leaving it connected to the HDMI/DVI port? Why do you want to plug it in to one of the other HDMI inputs?

It does sound unusual that the HDMI/DVI port accepts different resolutions from the other HDMI connections. However it does explain this in the manual, so it's a limitation of the TV and not something I can see you being able to 'fix'.

The TV should output 2 channel linear PCM audio from it's optical connection regardless of whether you have the laptop connected to the standard HDMI in, or the HDMI/DVI in. This linear PCM signal is digital - but if by 'digital audio' you mean 5.1 Dolby Digital or similar I'm fairly sure you're going to have to upgrade your system for this.


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hmm i see , so is there much difference between digital stereo and analog stereo ? and also is there big difference between dolby pro logic and dolby digital?


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You'll get analogue audio by using the 3.5mm output jack on your laptop direct to the amp, or digital using the HDMI/optical route. I don't know if you'll hear any difference between the two.

Dolby Digital is an audio format. Dolby Pro Logic on the other hand is a surround sound processing technology, so you can't compare them in that respect.

If you're comparing a 5.1 Dolby Digital signal, and a 5.1 signal that has been up-mixed from 2 channels by Dolby Pro Logic processing - then the 5.1 Dolby Digital will be better.

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