Laptop for elderly people - big screen, low specs


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I'm after a laptop for my grandad, who is 82.

He currently has a 15.6 really old laptop, and I think a bigger screen would suit him better.

I think my requirements are:

  • Big screen - bigger than 16", maybe 17.3"
  • Good quality webcam/microphone as Skype is used a lot
  • SD card slot as he uses a camera a lot
  • HDMI slot for connecting to his TV

He will only use it for:

  1. YouTube
  2. Skype
  3. Looking at family pictures
  4. Writing letters
  5. Watching a DVD
  6. Playing music
  7. Putting pictures on the laptop from a SD card, and displaying the pictures/videos on his TV using HDMI connection.

It seems pretty tricky finding a large quality screened laptop without spending loads on the high end spec which normally accompanies a big screen. He doesnt really need a brilliant processor, or a huge amount of memory (although obviously the less lag he has to suffer the better!), so I don't want to spend money on components that he won't use.

Budget around £450-500, although obviously the lower the better.

Any recommendations?



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just to throw you a curve ball

how about one of these


it's the same as what they are selling in aldi but £20 cheaper

and it has had some very good reviews and your get a bit of quidco as well


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I appreciate the Medion option, but he does need a laptop really, as when he finds a YouTube video, or gets an email from the family, he likes bringing the laptop in to the front room and showing my nan! :)

I had a slight concern about his ability to lift a 17.3" machine but he won't be carrying it every day, just for the odd thing here and there, and the benefit of the clearer/bigger screen for his eyes is probably worth the slight downside of it being heavy.

16.4" seems to be a happy balance but it seems only Sony do this, and they're expensive!

The Dell seems the best option so far......I do actually really like that!


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as i said the medion was a bit of a curve ball LOL

your'll be surprised by the weight as they are just over 3kgs

which isn't too bad for a 17inch laptop

your best bet if your bothered about the weight is to pop into pcworld/currys if they are in stock and have a look

but its a good dell the one simon has linked too

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