Laptop CPU upgrade question.


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I've got a IBM Thinkpad T60 (still branded IBM, but essentially a Lenovo) with a Core Duo CPU T2400, 1.83Ghz, Yonah, Socket 479 mPGA.

Is it possible to upgrade this laptop to a Core 2 Duo?

Given that there are other T60's that support Core 2 Duo, I'm guessing "yes".

Only difference is the FSB: mine says it's runnign at 666Mhz and the T7300 that i'm keen on is FSB800.

My motherboard is a i945PM.

Memory is all DDR2, running at 333Mhz... so 667Mhz DDR.


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Okay, this is a T60, with a T5600 (C2D) cpu, but otherwise virually identical to mine.... HERE

Ideally, I want to be able to turn my laptop into something closer to this, cpu-wise: HERE

The good news from that link is that the FSB800 and 667Mhz DDR2 are compatible...


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Bugger... I think I've answered it for myself:

945PM - spec

"Features and Benefits: 667MHz Front Side Bus"


"Supports Intel® Core™ Duo and Intel® Core™ Solo processors..." no mention of Core2Duo's anywhere...

I guess I need the PM965 for the higher spec CPU's: spec

Mentions FSB800 and Core2Duo.

'tis a shame... even a 667Mhz FSB Core2Duo would ahve been nice :(


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Hang on!!! Stop Press!!!


It would seem that there is some mention of a "Intel® Core™2 Duo processor" in the compatibility table... 667Mhz only, but still better than nothing!!


moderator: can you please rename this thread to "Does anybody have a Core 2 Duo Mobile on Intel 945PM chipset?"

Not exactly snappy - but that's the question I need to answer.


I always thought laptop cpu's weren't interchangeable and that the only thing you could do is add ram or new hdd?
am i wrong?


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u can swap them these days (P3 onwards have been swappable).... it's jsut that it's a LIF sicket (Low Insertion Force), rather than a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force)... so things can go wrong!


Lostbok, could you provide me with the IBM 'Type Number' of your laptop. It's located on the underside on the serial number barcode label.

It'll take the format of something like '1234-12a', 4 numbers, hypen then 3 further digits.

There's a number of things to consider:

Are there a number of CPU coolers for your series of laptop (probably only one, but I'll check) and what speed does your cooler cool up to.

Which exact CPU part numbers are supported by your laptop?

What's the best cpu that your system board and the laptop's Microcode patch will support

How much is this going to cost and how does this weigh up to selling on the laptop and buying a faster one, or perhaps against other upgrades..

Provide me that Type Number and we can go from there:smashin:



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Thanks Dankeech!

TYPE: 2008-CTO (or 2008-CT0).

I've been delaying since I don't really need the extra "oomph" right now and I wasn't sure about the cooling issue, but I will want a bit more when I go to Vista (and the 64 bit support!) and thought it was worth investigating now before the lower FSB CPU's become too scarce (and expensive).

I would prefer to keep this laptop a bit longer if possible rather than going for the next step up on the company laptops - it's got the X1400 graphics and a 1440x1050 screen: the replacement for it (Lenovo T61) has the Core2Duo... but the Intel graphics chipset and a 1280x800 widescreen :(

Not sure how those Intel graphics perform, but I'm guessing that they won't handle H264 decoding or gaming as well as mine does!

TBH: it's currently got a 1.83Ghz CoreDuo and I'd probably be happy with the Core2Duo 1.83Ghz, but will obviously go a bit faster if I'm not paying an exponentially higher price/Mhz or putting in a CPU that will run too hot (2Ghz / 2.16Ghz - T7200 / T7400 are definitely on the cards if they will fit).

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