Laptop context menu going crazy - can anyone help?


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Hi all
A laptop at work has just started to go mad - both buttons on the mouse activate the Context menu (ie right click) and wherever you move it to, there is a madly flickering menu following it.

The same happens with the trackpad - ie both left and right seem to be acting a right click, and there's no single click.

It's just literally started out of the blue - and the machine has not been connected to the internet, only to my network which is scanned continuously and firewalled!




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Happened to me a few times on a computer, don't know what causes nor do I know a true solution to the problem. All that I know that a reboots/restart fixes it.

Easy way to restart/shutdown with the mouse is to press:

WinKey + R (this will bring up the run dialog)
Then type
shutdown -s -t 00 (this will shutdown)


shutdown -r -t 00 (this will restart/reboot)

I assume your using Windows XP.


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Same happens to me with my MS remote. Reboot only way I can fix it, or use mouse.


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Thanks to all - a full shutdown and reboot makes no difference. It even flickers the context menu if I start up into safe mode, so it's definitely something to do with XP. I've tried different mouse as I previously stated.
I then shut the machine off for several hours and rebooted and it is only now doing it when you try to click on anything on the desktop - ie when you move your mouse onto My Computer it automatically opens, or if you move the mouse onto an app it automatically launches - it's as if the mouse itself is permanently held down, but it's not the mouse as the trackpad produces the same result.
Also I notice when I restarted that it made a long continuous beep noise prior to launching XP - the same sort of noise that it would make if you were leaning on the space bar without realising it for example. That's why I'm suspicious that there's something more serious going on.
I'm going to get it collected and replaced under warranty to see if a replacement one would be better.

Thanks for your help all. :smashin:


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