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Hi I have been doing a small bit of research before I hopefully splash some cash.

I want to buy a 32 inch widescreen (pretty much decided on a panasonic lxd32)
and want to hook it up to a laptop to watch videos from using a media center application.

The screen has pc input but I am interested to hear from peoples own experiences regarding connecting these two as I have noticed that the laptop has a smaller resolution than the screen and am unsure if this will cause me problems although I did read on a forum that when setting the laptop to external single display (i.e only on the screen rather than laptop) that it will display higher res' for you to use but am unsure whether this is definitely the case....

Thanks for all posts/ help/ contributions in advance



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Depends if your laptop can support the LCD's resolution.

Say the native res of the LCD is 1366x768 then if your graphics card can support this (or 1360x768) and the LCD also support this VGA input then yes.

Otherwise, you will have to drop down to a supported resolution, say to 1280x768, or even lower...

Then you have 1:1 pixel mapping issues... etc... (read here for more


So obviously being at a lower res will give a slightly worse picture I take it wont fully fit the screen either then??

This seems to me that it isnt an exact science and its 99% luck if the combo of lcd and laptop works great together happy days?!



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Don't know about your laptop but my desktop using a Radeon9000pro and powerstrip, I can 1360x768 @75hz with perfect 1:1 pixel mapping over the DSUB PC connector.

It does require a bit of fiddling but it is worth it. You want to use 75hz and NOT 60hz as 75hz is more PAL video friendly. My DVD's playback super smooth via the PC.

Now, powerstrip does not tend to work too well with "builtin" video chips, so you might be out of luck with your laptop depending on what video chip its running.

Here is some info I posted on my Aussie forum on how to do 1:1 mapping @ 75hz.....

Just in case anyone is interested, here are some powerstrip settings that I used to get a perfect Windows desktop pixel mapped 1:1.

PowerStrip timing parameters:

Generic timing details for 1360x768:
HFP=33 HSW=184 HBP=175 kHz=60 VFP=1 VSW=3 VBP=28 Hz=75

VESA detailed timing:
PClk=105.12 H.Active=1360 H.Blank=392 H.Offset=17 HSW=184 V.Active=768 V.Blank=32 V.Offset=1 VSW=3

Linux modeline parameters:
"1360x768" 105.120 1360 1393 1577 1752 768 769 772 800 -hsync +vsync

I am using a Radeon 9000pro video card, hence I am only able to get 1360 or 1368 horizontal pixels....I used 1360.

The other thing to note appart from applying these timings is you will have to get into the the Setup menu and tweak some of the PC settinings in the TV.

Specifically, you will need to make sure WXGA resolution is selected.

Also, you'll need to adjust the Clock, H-pos, V-pos & Clock phase values. I wish the menus gave a numeric value for the settings as oposed to just a relative value so I could post my numbers. Let me know if you are interested and I'll try and describe the relative value of these items.

The windows desktop is crystal clear with the icon text perfectly pixel mapped, I can read it from 3m away clearly. The panel definitely is not scaling the windows desktop at all.

Also being a 75zh refresh rate, it is kinder to PAL video content. There is no motion judder or stutter when playing back DVD's or recorded digital TV.

Cheers for now.



thanks for the informative reply dude,
am new to this and hope im not coming off a newb when i should know these things already!?

1) whats a dsub connector? Arent people just using the vga connector that i have seen as PC input on these screens?

2) whats powerstrip? a third party piece of software that helps with this 1:1 mapping?


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