Laptop changing from 60Hz to 40Hz. (W7)

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    I thought I'd add this little bit of helpful info after I found my laptop had changed it's refresh rate from the normal 60Hz to 40Hz after a screen change, I had to manually change it back but it would still happen upon start up or when the power lead was either unplugged or plugged in, now why it had changed I don't know, it was fine before the screen change but I have found a way to resolve it. The net offered no real solution but it seems plenty of people are stuck with theirs.

    So what I did on my Sony(I'm sure for other brands it's a similar thing) was to open "Control panel", then "Power options", at the power plan settings and for each power level I opened "change plan settings", then to "change advance power settings", once in there I found a second tab by the name of "VAIO power management", I was then able to adjust the refresh rate for each power scheme and for each power type, that be either battery or from the mains, I simply selected "no change" for each. It might be obvious to some, I found it after a while, but a lot of people are getting stuck with no answer to this so I hope this helps.
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