Answered Laptop built-In Bluetooth stopped working - Error Code 43

Hi All,

I have got a Lenovo Y70 laptop that has built in bluetooth. I have been using this without issue with various gadgets, headphones, speakers, etc.

However today I was using it with my bluetooth headset to watch a Youtube video. I paused the video and went through to the kitchen to make myself a brew and when I came back my bluetooth had disconnected, which was fine. I tried to connect and it would not connect. Went to bluetooth devices turned the adapter off and back on and it found my device and connected to it, then the bluetooth option just disappeared.

I went to device manager and the bluetooth heading with the device underneath has disappeared. When I scan for new hardware it finds nothing. As you can see from the thumbnail there is an unknown USB device under the USB controller header. I cannot guarantee it but I think (emphasis on think) this is the now not functioning Bluetooth device, but I cannot be 100% certain.

I have tried uninstalling this device and then doing a hardware scan, it only finds this device and still reports it as not working with an error 43 code.

I have been searching for a solution to this problem and trying out some of the hits including a Registry clean down and the obvious reboot. But nothing is sorting it out.

Anyone come across something like this before?

right a bit of an update on this, think I have now sorted it.

I took a system recovery point when this all started, tried a number of different fixes which subsequently led to the problem getting worse and my network card stopped working. I used this restore point and got back to the point I was at the start with a non-functioning Bluetooth device.

I then tried removing the bluetooth driver and installing a a different driver on the back of advice from a youtube video. Again this did not help, so I was getting desperate and started reading the comments while my puny brain thought of another solution.

however in the comments I was lucky enough to see someone with a Lenovo laptop suggesting to turn off the wireless card via the BIOS. I did this and booted up. The bluetooth device had now come back. but had a code 10 power failure. I decided to restore to my system recovery point and then retry the steps again. I did this and now the bluetooth adapter is back and working normally - it even remembers all my devices as well.

Oh aye and then I went back into the BIOS and enabled the wi-fi and it all came back working as normal. I have no idea why this happened or why these steps worked but I am now a happy camper. :D

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