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So I'm going to be asking you guys two questions so sorry for that. But on to the first question. For the last few months(possibly 6 months) my laptop has been BSODing when I close the the screen putting it into hibernation/sleep. I've used the included system recovery software to restore it to factory several times, as there was no OS and driver disk with it, but it only cures it for a few days.

So I'm starting to wonder if any of the OS and or bloatware that comes included has been corrupted at some point. So I'm wondering if I can borrow a copy of vista of my cousin and just do a clean install with none of the bloatware. Now I know it has to be the same version(eg, 32 bit) but is this possible? I know it will be a longer process as I will have to download all the drivers individually but if I can use a copy of vista to do a complete fresh install, do you think this will cure the BSODing?

Here's the full details of the laptop- Sony Vaio PCG-3F1M, Intel Core 2 Duo [email protected] 2.00GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470, Windows Vista 32-bit.

Now if this is possible but does not work this is were the second question comes in. I will need a new laptop as the crashing is getting pretty old quick. So I've been looking at a couple, I've come across these 2

ACER E1-572 15.6'' Laptop Deals | Pcworld

ACER V5-573 15.6" Laptop Deals | Pcworld

Now the website is a bit confusing as it is listing them as both having the same speed processors yet from my research the I5 4200M is quicker(by some margin) is this a tech spec miss print or a system spec miss print and in fact it has the same I5 4200U as the other? The laptop is only used for general use(Youtube, web browsing, Word, Excel, Powerpoint,silly flash games, etc). The only downside to these ones is that the screen res is down(I think mine is 1600x900), has no optical drive and no dedicated graphics(although I'm not 100% on how intel hd compares).

I really want people opinions this time as when I bought this laptop I bought it based on it being Sony and have hated it since day 1 and don't want to make the same mistake. But have been looking at Acer as my cousin has always had Acers and hasn't had a problem.

Thanks in advance for your advise on both of my questions and sorry if it has become a bit of a ramble.


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No one? I've also been looking at this HP as it has a DVD drive and defiantly points to it having the i5 4200m as it lists the correct speeds.

HP Pavilion 17-e153sa 17.3" Laptop Deals | Pcworld

Never had HP so have no idea. Still would like to get this working if possible


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It's a slight mis-print, the i5-4200M is 2.5Ghz nominal with 2 core turbo 3Ghz and 1 core turbo 3.1Ghz.

The 2.6Ghz turbo listed for the i5-4200U is 1 core, the 2 core turbo is 2.3Ghz.

Turbo is the maximum speed the chip can reach if there's sufficient cooling so the actual speed will depend on the particular laptop as well as the individual application and what else is running on the system (other components generate heat as well, so the CPU can run slower when they're in use).

For the stuff you list though CPU performance isn't a big requirement so I'd just ignore it and focus on important stuff like screen quality and input devices.

Intel's current generation of integrated graphics support just about everything you'd want, although they drop a couple of notable things for the Pentium/Celeron version like Quicksync (fast video conversion).

A fresh install of Vista OEM may or may not cure the problem. It depends on what's causing it. A blue screen is an unanticipated failure which generally means a fairly fundamental problem. It can be down to bugs or incompatibilities in the more important bits of software like drivers but it can also be caused by failing hardware.


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It's a slight mis-print, the i5-4200M is 2.5Ghz nominal with 2 core turbo 3Ghz and 1 core turbo 3.1Ghz.

The 2.6Ghz turbo listed for the i5-4200U is 1 core, the 2 core turbo is 2.3Ghz.

The bit that cunfused me was that when I looked at the data sheet on Intel for the i5 4200U and the i5 4200M, Intel has the 4200U listed as 1.6Ghz base and upto 2.6Ghz turbo, with the 4200M listed as having 2.5Ghz base and upto 3.1Ghz turbo. So from what PC world have listed it makes it seem as if they have listed the 4200M by mistake as it has the speeds that related to the 4200U.

Anyway I'm now considering the HP as it does have a optical drive(although only dvd) which means that I can use my current office and other bits of software. It also has a 1600x900 screen the same as my current one. It also has a bit more RAM at stock. I haven't had a HP before so I'm not sure how reliable they are, I know years ago they were suppose to be a good brand but things change. What are your thoughts on the HP I've linked.

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