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My wife frequently has stints in hospital and I've been toying with the idea of buying her a multi-regioned portable DVD player so she can watch movies in the room whilst she's in and also when I'm visiting after work.

But I also thought if i bought her a laptop, she can do her emails and word processing and stuff.

And I could use it as a games machine :devil:

So, descisions on spec. It doesn't need to be super duper machine - most of the hard work will be done on the desktop machine.

I want to a multi-region capable player than is upto scratch on playing some of the latest games. I'd like to be able to plug into my PJ to play the odd game on the big screen. The PJ has XVGA in so that shouldn't be a problem - I wont need TV-Out.

I've looked at Dell's outlet site and found some quite decent ones but guys at work are saying even a P4 1.7gb isn't good for playing games.

what are everybodies thoughts.


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Look at some with ATI's latest Mobility chips in them, they should be the better ones for games, and DVD's.
None of them are perfect as games platforms, but the more recent ATI chips are better than most efforts by most companies.
I seem to remeber reading Nvidia's mobile solution wasn't too impressive, but I'm sure there are benchmarks out there.

And make sure you stay as far away from Compaq as is humanly possible. You can't run windows on those things, let alone anything else!


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Depends on what games you want to play. A P4 1.7 is more than adequate for any non graphics intensive game (eg Championship Manager, Civilization, Transport Tycoon) and for 3D games you will need a decent graphics card.

I have an Athlon 1600 and have found no game that stresses the CPU yet.

Any decent DELL should be able to do anything you are asking above as long as you don't expect Ninja PC benchmarks.... not sure on the multi-region DVD though.


I was looking at the Dell Inspiron, they seem to come with a 64mb ATI radeon card

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