Laptop advice to replace my M1 MBA and iPad Pro 11


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Hi All,

Looking for a possible move back to a Windows Laptop. Currently using a 2020 MacBook Air M1 8/256gb and a 64gb iPad Pro 11 2018 Gen 1. MBA is my daily use for general browsing, emails, Microsoft Office apps, spreadsheets etc. No video or photo editing of sorts and if I do its once in a blue moon.

Ideally looking for something that is a close match for the MBA in regards to minimum of 13.3 screen. 16:10. similar screen resolution as 1080 screens I find blurry and text is not sharp. Great battery life and also touchscreen. 14 inch 16:9 are ok. 13.3 are ok as long as 16.10.
I have recently tried a couple of laptops which were close but each one had its issues. A Samsung Galaxy book flex 2. Nice spec but unit BSOD 3 times in two days and then it froze and wouldn't turn off. That was returned. I had a Dell Inspiron 14 QHD 16gb /1tb and that arrived with a bright blob on the screen. Third was a Lenovo Thinkbook 14 Gen 2. 16gb/512gb yet had a shocking battery that would not last half a day. Fantastic laptop and I even thought about could I add a bigger battery myself.
So my hunt continues.

Each time I see something it always seems to miss something

Budget wise I am a bit flexible from £700 to £1000. I have no issue with refurbs either.
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Decided nothing really ticks my boxes, so going to stick things out with my MacBook Air.

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