Laptop / Adobe Premiere - Assistance Please ?

According to the Adobe Premiere Elements box the following spec is required : Pentium 4,M,D, or Extreme Edition. 256MB Ram

The laptop I am looking at has the following : Intel Core Duo T2300 Processor 1.67Ghz, 1GB Ram (224MB Intel Integrated Graphics)

Question is, is the laptop suitable for my requiremnts, which is editing mini dv and writing dvd's.

Many Thanks


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It should be but check it also has a firewire socket/IEE1394 to connect your camera, if not you will require a PCMCIA card with firewire assuming it also has a slot for the card. USB from DV cam is all but useless.


Yep, plenty powerful enough. The top specs listed should only be for features such as direct to DVD capture which does need a powerful CPU. But for basic .AVI capture you wont need anything like the listed specs.
Be aware though that laptop HDD's are often only slow 4200rpm drives that can cause dropped frames. To get around this you can add an external firewire HDD. This has the added advantage of giving you far more space for capture, that can often run short on the small internal HDD of most laptops.

Hi Mark,

I've done some checking and the drive is 4200rpm. With regard to getting an external drive with a firewire which all seem to be 7200rpm I am just wondering with regard to connection. The laptop has 1 firewire input which is being used for the camcorder. How would the new drive integrate with that set up.

Pete B


Most external firewire HDD's will have 2 firewire ports on them. Use 1 to connect it to the laptop & the other to connect the camcorder.


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