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Great thriller of the Australian ilk. A thriller set around mid-life relations at the 'where do we go from here' outlook aimed at the thinking wo/man. The camera work, music and scenery are stylish whilst the story interlaces lust, humour and warmth abound 4 modern day families/couples and their intersections at deceit and death.
Anthony LaPaglia is excellant as the cop in a crisis of failing to feel anything anymore at both the intra- and inter-relational levels. He is both calm, brash and warm of soul in that great 'Aussie way'. His male counterparts are also earthy, amusing and intellectual. The actresses are sensual and given a reality in depth as to being confronted by the onslaught of daily life social life and its threats to their sense of worth and desireability.
Ultimately it's a who done it that never disappoints.
Well worth an invest.

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I watched this earlier this week and have to agree. It's a great movie. Lots of inter-related subplots keep you enthralled and have you urging the movie to its inspired climax. Bits reminded me of "Holding On" (that great BBC drama) in terms of the constant moody background music that is essential in helping to build to the final intriguing climax and for setting the atmosphere. Geoffrey Rush stars in this as well as Barbara Hershey and both are great in their roles (as is Anthony LaPaglia). A very cathartic movie that stands up well to repeated viewing. I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Anyone wanting to buy, should note that the R4 SE is the best one to get - comes in a nice slipcase too :D

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