Land Of The Dead (Unrated Director's Cut) Blu-ray Review

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      Reviewed by Keith Hurst, 8th October 2008
      After Night and Dawn of the Dead everyone looked forward to another Romero Zombie feature. The master tactician paved the way and wrote the rule book on what had to be said and done on screen. His earlier works had some biting satire and some excellent dark comedic moments but as the franchise has progressed this seems to have been watered down somewhat.His first two Zombie flicks speak for themselves and really need no introduction. This is the fourth in the series following on from Day of the Dead and whilst that earlier picture had some interesting moments, which are extrapolated here somewhat, the whole doesn't really work and ultimately fails. It's too much Mad Max and Zombies with emerging intelligence I was left a little wanting.

      The video and audio are fair enough examples of what this format is capable of but they're nothing stunning. Much the same can be said for the actors, including the hit or miss Denis Hopper; there's not enough flesh on his bones to really indulge himself in his character. There's a few additional extras but only a couple really grab you and why the complete set from the earlier HD release were not ported over I cannot say. For Dead fans then it's a must have of course and will be added to their collection. For lovers of the first two then give it a good watch first before deciding to add to your own collection or not.
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