Lance Armstrong drug use allegations


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I know this isn't fully relevant but drug test really don't mean squat when testing for many popular steroids since they are undetectable somewhere between 4-8weeks after you stop using them, so athletes often cycle them.

Random drug testing is not all that common since the cost is pretty high.


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Wiki as always is your friend....

Blood doping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The point about Epo is that it IS detectable,but within a fairly narrow window,whilst it's effects can be quite prolonged.

Obviously,Epo is NOT a steroid,and doesn't enhance performance by that route,but by increasing haemoglobin levels,will thus increase your aerobic exercise capacity by potentially increasing the maximum amount of oxygen available to your tissues.


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Did Lance Armstrong ever take performance enhancing drugs?

Did a bear ever **** in the woods?


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Allegations have always surrounded professional cycling which is pretty much discredited now (imo). The likes of athletics and baseball are not quite at that point of no return but getting there

I don't think allegations specifically about LA will ever go away, it's just a question whether or not any given allegation merits closer scrutiny. As the current series is in gaining media attention


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Allegations have always surrounded professional cycling which is pretty much discredited now (imo).

Depends if your glass is half full or half empty more testing which results in catching more cheats is surely a good thing.

You've had major football clubs indulging in blood spinning and it has been reluctant to comply with WADA. and golf only starting testing in 2009!

Cycling is an easy target for people but other sports deserve equal scrutiny.


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A friend of mine who does serious cycling told me that he didn't think even the pro cyclists could sustain their punishing pace day after day without help. So in his opinion they were all doing some form of doping. But I suppose if they're all at it then it creates a kind of level playing field. It may be that it's just one of the things that's hushed up within the sport.

Ian J

Surely everyone knows that the champions in many sports nowadays are those with the best pharmacists

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