Lamp question about a Panasonix PT-50LCX64 A


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It was manufactured October 2005. It's a projection display. I'm almost 30 and have never had a projection display TV before so I had questions in general but also questions specifically about this TV.
Anyways one of my friend's parents' gave me this TV. They said that it needed a new lamp. They have fixed the lamp a few times and said it's pretty easy. I have already looked up online how to do so and have taken the front panel off and the other panel to get to the lamp.. so when I get another lamp I feel all I need to do is make sure the TV is unplugged, cool, and then I just take the burnt one out and slide the new one in and then put all the screws in their respective places?
They gave me a warning though... something about if you ever turn it off and then on within two to three minutes of one another it causes the lamp to burn out. So it is just best to never let that happen if possible.
So I'm wondering... is this a normal thing for these types of TV's?
I find it weird that you wouldn't be able to turn something off then back on without a $30 to $80 part breaking. Or is there an issue with just this particular model of TV? Or is there something wrong with just the specific TV that I have?

Like is it an issue with projection display TV's in general, just this model, or just the specifc one I ended up with?
Because I wouldn't mind taking it apart some and making sure wires aren't touching or making sure stuff is securely connected. I would need some guidance though! I see some lamps on eBay but not sure which one to get.... I see one for $29.99 but I have read that you should only buy oem lamps because generic ones can explode or something making a mess. A sentence I read off a website said generic lamps "can damage the color wheel and ballast mechanisms in your RPTV". So is that just to scare me or is this really a concern? How do I tell a generic lamp from an OEM one? Because the other ones are over $80.
Anyways questions not specific to this TV but projection TV's I have in general...
How long do they take before they display a picture? How long is normal cool off time? What's considered reasonable time for a lamp to last? Is there any important info I should know that is like urgent or whatever... Like dos and don'ts?
Anyways I thank anyone that tries to help.. again I have never had this style of TV before... mainly had the huge heavy tube ones when growing up, and then have lcd and led.. but nothing of the projecting sort.. so need to learn stuff!


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I wouldn't waste any money on replacing the lamp.
Coming from an LCD TV you’re gonna be severely disappointed with the picture from any RPTV.

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