Lamp Life HS10/20



Sony states up to 2000 hours!
Not sure what the warranty is like for them though!


2000 hours "standard" & 3000 hours "eco" or "cinema black" mode IIRC.

Of course as always, YMMV :D (my HS10 on 2nd lamp @ 1200 hrs & Comer's on lamp number 3 :eek:).



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Originally posted by aRCaM
thanks guys....how much did the replacement lamp cost you Kramer ?
AFAIK, Kramer got his lamp replaced under warranty (I could be wrong) I got two replaced under warranty and paid €297 for the third from Pricejapan.

Be very careful if you are using Paypal to pay them. Since my own problems with Paypal, I have since discovered that my story of unauthorised payments is far from unique :lesson:


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Are the lamps prone to going faulty Comer ? I would have thought that projectors were a bit more solid than that.


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I believe that suppliers are giving HS20 lamps for HS10s and they are much more realiable with better colour saturation. See here on AVS for more details



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What are the references of the HS10 and HS20 Lamps?

I was keen on buyin one for my HS10 from pricejapan, but don't know what the reference is... (part number)


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4000hrs and still racking up 8-9hrs a day on my first Ae300 bulb....na..na...na............na nah!! :D :D


sh**, what was that??..........

Only joking, but knowing my luck I probably will be back on, saying how I shouldn't have opened my big mouth :D I dread that day because I shredded the philips head on the bulb housing screw a few months ago. I've put that worry to the back of my mind since then but inevitably, I'm going to have to get that bugger out somehow!! :D

On a side note, the graph of the decrease in brightness of my bulb must be a perfectly smooth one, because to be honest, I haven't noticed a decrease. I suppose it will only become apparent when I eventually have to put a new bulb in in about 2-3 months and am dazzled by the new found brightness and punch of the image or somesuch.
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