Laguna II Airbag Light Problem

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Geordie Jester, May 3, 2007.

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    Hi Guys,

    I hope there is a plucky mechanic there that can give me a hand !

    I have a problem where the airbag light is permanently on the dash. It has happened before and was sorted by the dealer last year. They said it is just the sensitive plug under the passenger seat. This definately rings true as I did see it come on just as some sat down on the seat or slid it forward.

    Looking on the net it seems that this might be a commonish issue and to fix it you just really need to unplug the connector into the pretensioner a few times to clean up the contacts and the fault should probably be cleared.

    I have had a look under the seat and to the side by the seatbelt socket there is a twisted pair of wires going into a plastic (blue/yellow) block that is attached to a silver tube (which I guess is the pretensioner). The trouble is I can't figure out how to unplug it. The wires come out of the block at right angles to the tube, almost like the plastic is an elbow joint. Does anyone know if this whole thing just pulls out of the silver, or does the wire block disconnect from the rest of the housing ? Its really hard to see how it is held.

    Any help would be great, or if there is anything else I can try before paying 50 quid for a 5 minute job.



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