Lagged SKY via Hauppage PVR-150



I recently set up my first 2005 XP Media Center, however I am getting a very strange problem in that the Display via the TV card is lagged by about 6 seconds and the audio is not quite synced right.

Anyone have any clues what might be going wrong here?

I have scart to s-vid (basic composite connection).


eg. I press a channel on the Sky remote and the menu pops up like 5-6 seconds later, ouch :confused:

The PC is well specced dual core / 2 gig ram DDR2 etc, so certainly no lack of power behind it :rotfl:


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That's the way all TV works in Media Center. It is buffered to the hard disk before being displayed. This enables all the trcik play features like pause/rewind Live TV. You have a composite connection for your video, how is the audio connected? You should take L/R audio from the digibox & connect it to the socket on the TV tuner card.


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Also - stop using the sky remote!

All the channels are mapped to their existing numbers, so just use (/get) an MCE remote - there's still the lag when changing channels, but it's a *lot* more useable, and MCE can keep track of what channel you're actually watching. I guarantee you'll get some failed recordings otherwise...


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Try setting your 'Search and Scan Banner' timeout to '0' Seconds.

Should help. My Channel switching takes just under 3 seconds.

To make things easier I always change channel by using the the EPG rather than surf up and down.

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