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The Lack of scart socket on a lot of the televisions, 48"/50" I am looking at is annoying .
On my existing set I have a Panasonic Home theatre, that I am very happy with. and not wanting to buy a new speaker bar, Is there any way , by adapters etc that it can work on sets that do not have the scart socket

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Scarts an analogue, and in a digital world, thats the way things are going. However, if you want to just use the old Home Cinema set, there are possibly some ways around it.

Firstly, what inputs/outputs does the old system have? And do you just want to use it for sound? If it just has a scart, and you just want it for sound, then you could use a scart adapter with RCA's (white/red) on it. Get a cheap RCA phono to 3.5mm jack cable, and put the 3.5mm jack into the TV's headphone adapter. Cheap, and should work. If its got a digital optical/coax, then you might be in luck.

To be honest, if you buying a new TV, then I'd look at the deals on offer for buying a new soundbar at the same time. Sony are currently knocking off £99 or £150 (depending on what the system says) off their 300w soundbar if you buy a x8 Sony 4K (49in plus). Since the bar costs £249, then potentially a good deal if your in the market anyway. And I know other manufacturers are doing much the same. You should get the HDMI's imputs, the wireless sub, bluetooth, etc, and there is less clutter.

Any system with just a scart on the back is getting on a bit, and there reaches a point where its worth standing back and looking at whats best in the long term.

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