Lacie porsche hard drive power cable


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Hi I have a Lacie hard drive. The power cable has failed and is now discontinued I have a lot of information on it that I need to get off. Any ideas where I can get hold of an another cable or could be another way to power the hard drive up? I have tried Lacie UK, Ebay...

80GB LaCie P3 HD USB2.0 EK
Item Number (SKU): 300698EK
Serial Number: 1033510146986C
Cable Part no: 708014

Any suggestions I'd be grateful :)


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They just use standard hard drives so if you've got a desktop you should just be able to take it out of the case and connect it up, at that capacity it might be IDE/PATA rather than the more recent SATA but even many new motherboards still have a single port for this sort of thing.

Alternatively if the power supply is a standard connector then I'd try any other 12V 1.5A+/18W+ power supplies you have around that may fit.


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That sounds a bit complex for me. Would there be a specialist I could take it to to do that?
It's a case of taking the side off the computer and plugging two cables in. Any techie friend or local computer shop will be able to do it if you don't fancy doing it yourself.


thanks - ok will look into it :)
Plenty of helpful guides on YouTube and various websites, even for those with no prior experience. If you've ever built anything out of Lego or Mechano then you won't have too much trouble :smashin:


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OK so once I have dismantled my old hard drive I just need a USB hard drive docking station. Seems simple enough - fingers crossed. Thanks again.

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