Labgear Multiswitch setup


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After looking at my options, I decided if I wanted to deliver satellite to 4+ rooms, inc pvr functionallity in the lounge I might as well install a multiswitch distribution system.

So I have bought a 60cm dish, Quattro LNB and a Labgrear MS512E switch.

I have connected it all up, VL/VH/HL/HH from LNB to switch. Connected sky box to one of the switch outputs to test.

The sky box tells me that it isnt receiving any signal and looking on the signal strength menu on the box, it is showing approx 1/2 the signal strength box shaded and no signal lock.

I have a signal strength meter, can I use this on the Quattro LNB to align the dish...does it work the same way as with a normal LNB..?

I have tried setting up with the meter, but am not getting much of a signal when I point it in the direction of the other dishes in my neighourhood.

I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew with this DIY job, so any help in alignment and/or wiring a multisiwtch would be very welcome..!




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Quite tricky to set up an LNB without an accurate meter and experience quattro are any more difficult to set up but can give odd results with meters


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IT shouldn't but it wont tell you if your pointing st the right sat either just a Sat could be hotbird etc not Astra 28.2. I dont know if those cheap metters are polarised on way or if they get all polarisations and levels the instructions might tell you and if powering from batteries the volatge will tell you to use Hi or Lo on Quattro

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