La La Land Ultra HD Blu-ray Review & Comments


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On the one hand, I quite enjoyed this film (although I thought he big dance number on the hill was CGI not real!).

But, picked up "Sunshine on Leith" on Blu Ray, brand new from the local pound shop (go on guess how much it cost) and we thought it a better film (lower budget of course but really very good!).


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Mrs Silverfox asked me to watch this with her the other night.

Suffice to say, I was caught off-guard and actually - I suspect - quite liked watching it. Both Stone and Gosling are good value at the best of times, so both together is pretty decent.

I would otherwise have given it a wide berth, assuming the opening scene was representative of the whole film (which it isn't - there's not as much "musical" as I expected).


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Thie movie has divided my family. I quite liked it but my daughter absolutely hated the movie. The grain is rather overdone for me, making it look much older than it is. I think 9/10 for picture is generous. I much prefer the clean look of other ultra HD titles (such as Planet Earth II and X-Men Apocalypse). The sounds is outstanding though.

Not a classic!
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I enjoyed the film immensely at the cinema. However for me this 4K blu ray was poor quality - too much grain and lacking fine detail. In particular if you look at the background sky during the song 'A Lovely Night' it is just a mess. A real shame and not worth 4K money so I sent it back to Amazon today.


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This is one of those uhd blurays that needs the brightness reducing 2 clicks on my e6 oled from my calibrated settings for it to look right, there's clearly differences in how these uhds are mastered and this and John Wick both benefit enormously from reducing the brightness slightly. I actually thought it looked pants at first but having got the picture settings right it actually looks very nice and there's some very good HDR in it


Nice photography, forgettable songs...and seroiusly the new Fred and Ginger ***. Agree with sunshine on leith post, a much better film in so many ways... but hey the yellow dress sold out on asos!!! OMG the daaraamma! 6/10 when your not suffering from demonised expectations. Yes, again I'm disagreeing with the robots.


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Is anybody else experiencing noise from the player during parts of this movie (akin to disc load on startup)? Problem with my disc?

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