L shaped open plan: advice on wiring, speaker location, amp choice


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Hi - hoping I can get some support on this. About to build an extension that will leave me with an L-shaped open plan living space including Kitchen, Dining and Family Room spaces. Additionally I have Living room and Snug as separate spaces/rooms. The extension is the dining/kitchen in the attached (10m x 4.5m). We need to re-wire so my intention is to put in speaker wire. Ceiling height is 3 metres.

What I currently have
Onkyo NR609 - 5.1 in the Living Room, Boston Acoustics XS5.1, upgraded MR centre; Zone 2 in the Family Room with 2 x Boston Acoustics A23.
Chromecast Audio into the Onkyo gives me ability to cast music from Spotify on my phone and have it played in Living and Family (2 zones).
This works great - I'm no audiophile, obviously. I like that I can control what is played via my phone, and that the Onkyo has an app I can adjust volume, channel, sub etc.

What I would like
The ability to play radio or Spotify in the Kitchen, Dining and Family Room open plan space.
Good clear "room fillling" sound while in kitchen/dining and while in the family room.

What I need to know
Speakers - what speakers and do I need 4 for the open plan Kitchen, Dining and Family Room space? The way I see this potentially working is a pair at the Dining end of the open plan, and another pair at the Hall end of the Family room.
Amp - what to buy...ideally an amp with an App I can use to control source/volume etc.
If I can plug in a chromecast, all the better...it would allow me to create a speaker group to include the Living room.

As I said, we've to re-wire, so I'm not restricted by wireless, powered/un-powered speakers. I would like to keep costs down to something matching my low sophistication ear! I'm not worried about the sound stage if I was running 2 pairs of speakers simultaneously, during a party, for example. Also, I'd be happy to be restrictied to only having a single source from a new amp, i.e. never needing to have different source in Family versus Kitchen/Dining rooms.


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