L R + C - wall mount for around £500


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We've decided to have a rejig of our living room to make a bit more space and in doing this have decided that the floorstanding speakers (Wharfedale Diamond 10.3) have to go.

Whatever we get will be paired with a Denon 2300W, and it's not a huge room so quality is more important than volume.

I've got MA BXFX rears and a Wharfedale SW150 sub, both of which I'd like to keep.

One option is to get some Wharfedale 10.1 for £140 from SuperFi, to match my centre speaker, but at this point it seems like a better option to go all out and replace all 3 fronts.

I'm not bothered if the centre speaker is on the TV cabinet below the TV or mounted below the TV, easy enough to do both. At the moment I'm thinking of something like the Q7000i - but not sure how these will sound with my Wharfedale sub and compared to my old big speakers - should I go for something bigger like bookshelfs?
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Why not get the BX1 (or bronze) and matching centre to get a better match between your front and rear speakers?

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