L&O: SVU on Hallmark. Why do they fail to show the episodes in order?


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Why oh Why do Hallmark do it.

Up pops a character in the opening scene with his arm in a sling. A quick "so they've cleared you to return?", "yeah" exchange and then they move on to the latest crime in NY City.

Oh, the silly billy must have hurt himself prior to filming and they give it a brief mention for the reason for the sling.

2 Episodes later, a cracking hour of TV ends in a big shoot out and who gets shoot in the arm, none other than the lead character who 2 shows previous had the very same arm in a sling, the cause of which is clear 2 episodes later.

Now, unless the SVU team have gone all beta on the "Minority Report" style of crime fighting, Hallmark have screwed up the running order for Season 7.




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Hi GETanner,

I noted this error too. :(

However, I have to say, that - in Hallmark's defence - they've never shown any series of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" out of order - until now. So, it looks like a simple case of "human error" at Hallmark, then any deliberate attempt to annoy loyal fans of the show.

I don't know what caused the error, although I suspect it may have something to do with Episode 6 "RAW" (about the Neo-Nazi gunsellers) and Episode 7 "Name" (about the missing Puerto Rican boys), being labelled with similar Production and Episode Numbers.

Episode 6 has a Production Code number of "07008".
Episode 7 has a Production Code number of "07006"

It looks like someone has mixed-up Episode 7's Production Code number, with the Episode Number, and thus were aired the wrong way around.

Hopefully, no more errors will be made, but I'll speak to Hallmark, and see if they know any more about this.



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Cheers for the reply Pooch,

Normally, the L&O franchises have been very good with stand alone episodes, you could dip in and out of any without missing a major arch.

If it had been any other episode, I doubt that I would have noticed the lack of order, it's just the an element of 7 followed on from 6



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Glad to be of help. :) I should also mention, that "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (Season 4) has also been showing out-of-order, but for a different reason. Hallmark have broadcast all the episodes they can, but some of the episodes in Seaosn 4 have dealt with very topical (and therefore, potentially offensive or distressing) themes and subjects (bombings, terrorism, etc). Because of this, Hallmark have opted to temporarily drop these episodes, but air all the others.

Hallmark have stated that a) they apologise to viewers for this, but that b) don't be too disheartened, as the missing episodes will be shown over a period of Saturday nights in September, probably in a 9pm or 10pm slot instead.



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Hi All,

Just got this e-mail from Hallmark this morning:

Dear Viewer,
Thank you for contacting the Hallmark Channel. We are always pleased to hear from our viewers. With regards to your query, I can tell you that episodes six and seven of SVU were in fact played back to front. This was due to a technical error and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. However, we have no record of episodes eighteen and nineteen being broadcast out of sequence. We have investigated this and I can assure you that this does not seem to be the case. Once again, thank you for contacting the Hallmark Channel. I hope that I have been able to help you with your enquiry.

Best Wishes,

James Moore
c/o Hallmark Channel.

Well, not bad, but not as helpful as I had preferred, especially regarding Season 7, Episodes 18 and 19, which definitely were shown the wrong way around, as I checked the running order, against three different Internet episode lists, and only Hallmark ran the episodes differently! :rolleyes:

Oh well. :(



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I hate it when TV companies decide to drop episodes. What wrong with a Warning before the programme starts and perhaps one at the end of the previous episode. In fact put a warning during each ad break as well :rotfl:

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