KWorld DVB-S 100 PCI Card


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The above card is one of the supported tuners on MCE. Has anyone here actually manged to get the damn drivers to install under XP?


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Bit of a post resurrection here. But I wondered whether anyone had indeed managed to get the DVB-S100 working with 7?

I have installed the drivers and it is working (Almost) perfectly in it's own software (HD channels don't work even though H264 codecs are installed).

However when I try to use the card in Media Center, it recognises the card, but when a channel scan is done, it doesn't find any channels.

It did once find the channels, although when I tried to view the channels, they came up with the "channel off air or no signal" message on all but BBC1,2,3.

Any ideas


Edit. I have just noticed the original thread was for XP and not Win 7 - Apologies
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