KV32FX66 and DAV-S400




I am considering getting this TV for sky+ with the Sony DAV-S400
(http://***********/3c61). I do not want to spend much money as I dont watch TV that often and am not a home cinema finatic.

Does anyone have any opinions on this TV and DVD system? Also, could someone give me a url of some online reviews please?

Finally, I would connect my sky+ box to the DVD via its optical in and my SVHS through its analogue in. Would this mean that all audio from Sky+, DVD and SVHS come through the 5.1 speakers? I would wish to control the TV and Sky using the Sky+ remote. Would I be able to adjust the volume of sky using the sky remote, or would I have to use the DVD remote?

Thanks & Merry Christmas


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Your right on all your points and you would have to control the volume through the davs400 and turn off the tv speakers even though they sound pretty good.
I would recommend the kv32fx66 even with some of troubles i've had it's a cracking picture, i would say get some good cabling as does make a great deal of difference.
Get a good Scart for your Sky+ to the TV as well.


I wonder if I can get a universal remote and program the buttons for sky +, but, program volume +/- for the amp? Get what I mean?



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I don't know how much the tv you want is but if you are not going to use it much then spend less and get an LS60. I've just had mine and the picture is simply stunning.

I have just also bought a davs-400 for my parents xmas and had it in my living room for a few days. Its an amazing thing for the tiny amount of money. I should warn you that it only has a composite output, no rgb scart or s-video. But saying that the picture was pretty impressive though obviously not as good as it could be. With a 32 inch set you'll notice if you compare it to a 'proper' dvd player.

Spend less on the tv and more on the sound would be my suggestion. (eg get a davs 550)

no doubt this complicates things :)

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