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Could somone with one of these Tv's (or the 32" version) give me their views on picture quality. What I find is that some channels on SKY which are obviously broadcast in a higher quality give a stunning image quality, as well as DVD's. However a lot of channels although they look ok from the sofa if you are up close look extremely fuzzy, this is the same with the the analogue transmissions.. I suppose its a simple case of low quality transmission in = low quality out, but could do with someone confirming they agree as the TV will shortly be out of its 21 day exchange warranty.

Anyone any thoughts?, I know all the TV's in Dixons etc always look pretty poor close up, but would have thought this is due to one areal being split to 20 or so TV's..

Other than the above, top TV though..

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I suppose its a simple case of low quality transmission in = low quality out
i'm no expert myself, but i think you've already answered this question with the above. The quality difference from one digital channel to another can be quite staggering, and comes down to the bandwidth (or bitrate) devoted to that channel by sky (as i'm sure others have mentioned). Furthermore, i think that the more capable the television, then the more you are likely to see such differences.

shame they cant dispense with a lot of the dross channels, and free up some bandwidth for the better stuff - but i suppose 'better stuff' is a matter of opinion too.


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