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    Can somebody please explain what the 'decoder' setting does (under Preset->Further Program Preset).

    According to the manual:

    "With this feature you can...preset the AV output for the programme positions of channels with scrambled signals (e.g. from a pay TV decoder). In this way a connected VCR records the unscrambled signal."

    Fine, so it's for assigning what is output via the SCART sockets.

    The manual then goes on to say:

    "You can now attach a decoder to the AV1 or the AV2 sockets on the back of the TV and the picture from that decoder will appear on this programme number."

    Oh right, so it's now to do with SCART inputs.

    Anyway, there are separate configuration screens for assigning SCART inputs to channel numbers and for specifying what is output via SCART, so what does the decoder function offer that these don't?

    My best guess is that it outputs the selected UHF channel via SCART while displaying the incoming signal on the same socket. I've got no way of testing this though.

    Any suggestions?


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