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I'm an owner of a Sony kv-32fx68 from 4 days.I' m happy with it but i have noticed my telly has a defect:in personal and live mode(only when the room is dark) in completely dark scenes(also when i change av channels), a white stain appears on the top right and from today also an the top left corner.It disappears in zoom,14:9 and smart modes.What can i do?

P.S.Sorry for my bad english


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I have the same TV but haven't noticed this. I'll have a look after the Mrs has gone to bed and let you know if I see anything.


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I got the same situation but I only saw it with dvd feed. What's funny (ok not so funny) this set is the second one as the first one I had it replaced but not for this flaw. And on top of that I have a friend with the same set and his too has the white stain in left and right corners. I looked at this very closely and all the sets have identical stains, so it's hard to beleive that the tube is defective. I changed the scart cable with a profigold oxy-pure, needless to say the flaw is there but the overall image is slightly better with the new cable.
I think that this could be some fault with the RGB signal thru the tv's scart connector and maybe all the fx68 produced behave the same.
Other than that this tv is great.:)


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I've tried different settings, used different sources and I have not been able to reproduce the 'white stain' scenario. Mine appears to be OK.

Unless it's a fault that creeps up after a period of use ...


The "white stain(s)" can be removed.
In geometry menu try to adjust: V SIZE, V POSITION, V LIN, S CORRECTION and V ASPECT. I mentioned all these parameters because the "removal procedure" is related with vertical size/position of the screen (aparently those stains appear because the image is positioned "too down").
I really don`t know if those stains should appear even if the image is underscaned or positioned "too down". Also I don`t know how can you obtain - without a professional test pattern generator - a perfectly(H and V) centered image, so that you know how far from that you`ll be in the end. I said "how far" because after "the removal" your image will be a little overscaned and/or not vertically centered.

I use the following settings.


You may try them - of course on your own risk. In the red column are the actual settings and with black are the original ones. These setting should be modified in WIDE mode, because some of them are related with screen modes.

Anyone noticed the vertical picusion?


In normal viewing, this issue is noticeable only on channels where bottom horizontal scrolling text is present. I didn`t found a fix for this issue, yet. Probably only by adjusting the deflection yoke. If anyone has a service manual for this tv please let me know.


With your tv in standby mode turn it on with the following sequence:
1. Press the [I +] button.
2. Press the [5] button.
3. Press the [Vol +] button.
4. Press the [TV] button.


In the first post of this thread are a few instructions about how to use service menu.
http://www.kv32tweak.freeuk.com/ is also very helpful resource
Be very carefull!!!
Do not use any numeric key (except 00 for exit service menu with save settings). Also make a note of your original settings so you can revert everything.

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