Kuro PDP-508XD or PDPLX5090


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Oh boy, I remember the days when it was fun to buy a new TV, not any more. I think I'm suffering from information overload and my ears are full up with salesperson BS. The frustration of visiting dozens of stores only to see expensive Plasma TV's displaying images well below their potential is so sad, especially when buyers are becoming scarce.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site, your thoughts and opinions are most appreciated.

I started out hell bent on a LG 50PG7000, mainly because of price and features. Also a salesperson at Currys persuaded me that LG were second only to Pioneer, I'm sure he meant well.
After spending endless nights on this site I changed my mind and opted for the Panasonic PZ81, I did actually see one playing HD in Currys and it looked stunning.
Then all you Pioneer fanatics got me thinking, "will I be happy with second best?"
Ok, even with the deals around a PDPLX5090 is still going to cost me close to £2k with the speaker. However I can get a PDP508XD for £999 including speaker and from what I have read it will be superior to both LG & Panasonic, especially when handling SD. Am I correct in this assumption?

I appreciate that the 5090 is a little more future proof having 1080 resolution e.t.c., but the future seems to last a few months in TV technology these days.
My question dear Pioneer experts is simple. Is the extra £1k a justifiable outlay for the 5090 as opposed to the 508XD? Will we notice the 1080 when viewing from 12-15ft (different sofas)? We mainly watch rented DVD's and pre-recorded Freeview programmes, although HD via Freesat and Blueray are of interest within the next 12 months.
Please help, I've spent less time buying a house than this TV.
Many thanks.


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Is it just me or is it the more you read the worse it gets? Whats the old addage, a little information is a dangerous thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nope, I'm with you there Vix. I thought this quest would be so simple.....it's only a TV for goodness sake. I now feel like I need a degree in media science before I can correctly identify the product number of Rita's hair colour on Corrie.
J. Logie Baird.........bet your laughing your self stupid!!!!!


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If it helps, many G8 owners did upgrade when the Full HD G9's came out and most felt the upgrade was fully justified despite the extra expense. The G9 is so good that most cannot see any future Pioneer model offer any massive improvement in terms of Black Levels or PQ - most feel any improvements will be incremental. This means you are pretty much future proofed. If you buy the G8 then you may get upgraditis when the G10 comes out and it will be expensive. If you have the G9 you will (should) be more than perfectly happy with it even though the G10 may be slightly better and you will probably not have to upgrade again for a very long time. Go with the G9 imho.



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Get a PDP508XD now ,and then for a couple of years buy the best pioneer plasma for 999(maybe even cheaper),because the prices are falling every year(999 now and 999 for 2 years and you get 2 plasmas for the price of one if you would buy the best today).


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I kind of agree, it's probably better in terms of cost to buy an end of line model of TV every time.

OK the TV maybe around 9-12 months old as a model, but the low prices mean you can save alot of money, some new models can even be double the price of the one its replacing, but will not offer double the picture quality.

Many new models even have the same panel, and recently on Panasonic's the newer models have poorer sound quality and speakers built in.

I bought my TV when it was new out, and I wish I hadn't, I did get a good deal using discount vouchers etc, but 8 months down the line the TV could be had for over 50% less. To get more value out of mine now I will need to keep it for longer.

Any KURO for under a grand is great buy really, as there's noting else out there that can compete with it.


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Get a PDP508XD now ,and then for a couple of years buy the best pioneer plasma for 999(maybe even cheaper),because the prices are falling every year(999 now and 999 for 2 years and you get 2 plasmas for the price of one if you would buy the best today).

Agree. How can the 9 gen be worth a grand more?:confused:It's only a TV for goodness sake. 8 gen seems excellent; unbeatable if less than £999.:smashin:


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Thanks suave & mperuc, you both make perfect sense in your own ways.

Under normal circumstances I'd go for the 5090 with little hesitation. But with the current uncertain financial climate I am trying to establish the true difference in quality between the two TV's. I want to make my purchase and not even consider another TV for several years.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has viewed or owned both TV's side by side and can help me with a true comparison between the two.

If the 5090 is truly twice the quality of the 508XD then so be it. But if the improvements are marginal yet the 508XD is way superior to Panasonic. LG e.t.c. then the 508XD may be the way to go and I'll be a grand better off.

Thanks guys.


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If the majority of your viewing is SD DVD,and Freeview,then the PDP-508 XD should provide better PQ due to it's lower resolution panel,ie less upscaling required of the Freeview,and DVD,material.
The financial saving you make can then be allocated to other ancilliary equipment you may wish to buy.


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out of interest where have you seen the 508 for £1k??

wouldnt mind one at that price, i have also been considering the 5090 or even the new KRP model but still think if you can the 508 cheap enough then it would be an excellent buy!!


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There are some that believe, me included (and Pioneer!), that if you can achieve absolute black, then the rest of the picture flows much more easily and naturally from there. We have been struggling with poor blacks since CRT days, and only now after quite a few years do we have two solutions; the Kuro plasma and the LED LCD TVs. LED LCDs are quite new, and two models from Samsung and Philips head the pack in terms of affordability and output quality (Sony being much too expensive right now). However, there are issues with the LED technology, particularly with off angle viewing.

The 5090 gets very very close to absolute black..and definitely more so than the 8 series.

You may save yourself a grand, and the 8 seris is still a superb TV, but if you want something that will match up to the best for a few years, then I would say fork out for the 5090. WHy not search for a deal where you buy now and pay in a years time? That should offset the extra outlay for now.

You could take a view of the money saved being put towards another new TV in a year or two. Just depends if you want to wait to reach that amazing black level! :)
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The upgrade from an 8G has nothing really to do with the resolution. 1080p is one of the last things to be considering when buying a big pio.

The blacks on the 8G are made to look a very dark grey vs the perfect 9G, the whites are also a lot brighter, and combined with the better blacks the whole image looks more 3D and pops right out. Plus I noticed less PWM noise, plus the set is thinner.

A lot of us felt that it was worth it, but you need to decide.

Good luck.


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think thats a european model and none of the RS shops ive phoned have them, plus they are all returns/ex display if you do find one.

Yet another days goes by in the pursuit of plasma heaven. Can't take anymore so today was decision time.

Yes swerv, you are indeed correct. Called Richer Sounds and the 508XD for £999 is an ex-display model and they have only one left. Brand new on other sites they come in around £1450, so really the contest is over.

I thank all of you good people who have contributed to this link, your advice and support has been very useful. I've decided to go for the 5090 and hope to have many years of enjoyment.

Now the real fun starts...getting one for the right money. A couple of sites are offering a 5090 with stand, speaker and 5 year warranty for below £2k, but I estimate that 70% of dealers have no stock. A couple that I spoke to said that they had more on order and should have them in a week or so.

The prices will be interesting. The current climate suggests they should be cheaper especially with the 10 series probably not too far away. However the exchange rate makes me think that imported goods will start to increase in price in the not too distant future. The days of cheap imports may be over for sometime.

Any advice on reputable (and cheap) Pioneer dealers would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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