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I have been entertained by these forums for quite some time. I joined a short while ago and mainly use them to look at people's kit, build and generally reading about different set-ups etc.

Up until a couple of months ago all I had in the way of AV was a crappy old Samsung all in one DVD/surround and a Samsung 42 inch telly. Whilst on operations in Afghanistan a friend of mine lent me a copy of What Hi-Fi and I was hooked.

Soon as I came back for R&R I went and auditioned some kit. What I had in mind was well within budget and blew me away. I went away and thought about it I loved what I had seen and heard but I couldn't really justify spending all that money so I had to down scale a little.

I Initially ordered:

Samsung PS50C6900 3DTV/ 2 Sets of spare glasses

Sony BDP-S570 BD Player
Onkyo TX-SR608
Onkyo ND-S1
Q Acoustics 2000 Series Matt white with stands and wall brackets for rears
Logitech Harmony One
Wireworld Chroma 6 HDMI's
Western Digital My Book Live 2 Tb
A TV cabinet

A suitcase full of Blu-rays!

In the short time I had on R&R I used my old TV cabinet from next (Its horrible) and managed to set it all up and was pretty chuffed with the audio and visual improvement.





Well that gives an idea of what state it was in when I left to go back to Afghan. The cabinets had not arrived and as I did not want them turning up while I was away I had to cancel.

I shall post this and see if my pictures come out. Update shortly.




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Ok, that worked out as intended. I'll continue.

Now if you are reading this thinking it is going to be a massive build, knocking down walls etc, then I'm sorry it is far from it. It's just me tinkering on my first step on the AV ladder! If you are still here then I will update you on my progress, if that's what you can call it!

So I'm back from Afghan dying to get this front room sorted. On the 5th of April I order my cabinets. I ordered a TV stand which will just hold the Plasma and center speaker, also a glass fronted cabinet to house all of my gear. I waited patiently for the 5-10 working days that were stated....

10 days later I phoned the company I ordered it from (AV4home) as I had heard nothing and was told "oh Mr Miller, it's only just arrived from Germany. It will be another 5-10 working days!" Gleaming I thought.

Being patient I waited, waited....a phone call "it will be delivered Tuesday 19th" At last I thought....

Tuesday...sat at home...waiting. "Ah Mr Miller, your delivery wont be coming today, its still down south somewhere" Christ....I thought...

I sent a ****** email, got a phone call. They will let me know when it's coming.

Well, It came today. So, here the story begins....

I really wanted a floating wall and my plasma up nice, kit in front but my living room wont really allow it. I'll show a couple of pics and you'll see why.



Taken with Iphone 3gs so no flash! Its really not that dark!

Thats the back wall opposite the bay window. Ideally I would like the plasma on the wall opposite the two seater, If I do that then the viewing is restricted for the 3 seater. So the TV will have to stay in the bay window.

Not a major drama, only problems could be not letting enough light in, covering the radiator, the sun shining on the back of the telly and making it red hot or the window being too bright behind to view the screen.

The screen has been up awhile now so have noticed that it doesn't block that much light, it does heat up slightly with the sun but I close the blinds slightly to counter it. Also the window can be bright behind the screen and effect viewing, but I dont watch films during the day. Its only my girlfriend watching Kyle or Eastenders! So sod her.

Well as I said earlier the cabinets arrived, have been putting them together this afternoon. Will take some snaps and post them up.


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just an update, cabinet built and TV stand put together, no major drama's. The boxes arrived all battered and chunks out of it, more evidence of the glorious service I received. Was dreading opening them incase something was damaged.





I'm pleased so far, are they worth their price tag? We shall see.

Jahnke Cuuba Mojo 660 Large 1 £332.50
White TV Stand

Jahnke Studio-Board 220 AV 1 £829.17
Finish - Choice: White with
High Gloss White Fronts

Well, now to put things away! Best bit, hiding the wires!!




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Thanks, my little girl is well trained to stay away!

Just an update for anyone who is looking:

Got the kit in the cabinet, after some fiddling and cutting! Now there are no wires on show in the cabinet, think it looks neat and tidy.

I have run out of speaker cable so didn't have enough to reach to the front two speakers. Did not want to start joining bits together so will order some shortly.

Once that arrives all I have to do is hide all the cables from the cabinet to the back of the telly (5m HDMI/Speaker/Sub lead etc. Should be fairly easy with the big base on the TV stand. Got some wood effect trunking etc to make it neat. Run through a final set-up and it's good to go.

Pictures don't come out to well but the back light in the cabinet looks pretty cool.


All cables WILL be hidden from view!


Perhaps I have a thing for white gloss!

Now to start planning my games room....



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What a transformation an some sexy kit there. Bet it sounds as awesome as it looks.


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Thanks for the replies, I think it does sound and look good which is a bonus!

Shame I can't finish the job off yet.

That's me on the first rung of the AV ladder. I'm looking at upgrades already! Tsk, tsk!



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AV Happy

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Looks great mate, i really like your AV cabinet, it's nice to see someone else with white speakers, were defo in the minority on here, we used to have that wallpaper too ( or very similar ) but we toned it down when we decorated :rotfl:


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Thanks for all the comments, as I said previously the cabinet was from AV4home, its JANKE they do a few variations of my one.

Wanted one as soon as I saw it. Shame the pictures don't do them justice.

Nice Avatar btw AV Happy!


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Jahnke stuff is really really nice and it's completely transformed your setup. Looks classy as anything now. Great choice of kit too.


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Cheers for the comments. loving the cabinet so far.
Wish it was just as easy as painting the cables! I'll be using a combination of thin White trunking along the skirting and then I have some wood pattern trunking for the gaps between the speakers and tv stand.



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Nice work KrustyMiller - A very nice way to spend the Op tour bonus before she gets her mitts on it!

Like the White gloss look.


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