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Hi all, I have in the mix of my audiophile setup the Krell KRC-2 Preamp.... this unit is superb to look at and superb to listen too. In all the years Ive had this unit Ive never had cause to lift the lid on it untill a couple of days ago where I found the volume level will not work up or down!. luckly this unit is remote controlled too and that does work the volume level, so my question is as anyone come across this on the said unit before?

The volume control isn't a variable resistor as is common in analogue units but a encoder that switches voltages via D/A electronics... so alot more indepth.

Ive been online looking for the encoder as a spare part but again hit a stone wall. So Im hoping for some good advice on my next move.



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this is already 3 months old post, but I am giving sugestions:
1.try to read a sign on encoder's body, which one is, to find adequate part in a local store, or

2.disassemble the original encoder and clean contacts with a cotton swab sprayed with WD-40. Also twist slightly to enlarge the contacts pressure, put thin layer of lubricant (white silicone grease, DVD player purpose) between contacts - on stationary part of the contacts.

3. Or, simpler - spray into the gap of the encoder with some contact spray. It is necessary that the liquid comes in contacts, and wet them.


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