Kramer and other HS10 users look in please


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I need to get DVI and VGA cable pretty quickly. I bought all my cables for Z1 but have changed my mind at last minute , problem is my garage conversion is waiting on cable installation . can anybody tell me where i could get a hold of cables quickly? Kramer i know you used Lindys but tried their website is down atm. Anywhere else?




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Why not phone Lindys as they were the only place I found that had long dvi at the time.


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just phoned lindys they have none in stock .

Museumsteve i want to install all cables that i might use. Not heard anyone using vga , might find its the best way to go.

Anyway the guy on the phone at Lindys asked if it was a male to male DVI and wasn't sure. Museumsteve what exactly did you ask for at local place. i may try a local company as well but need to know what i need


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assuming you have DVI on your PC (graphics card) you need a DVD-D cable (both ends).
VGA can only go into HS-10 via PJ Multi connector, the cable is around £100+.
I now use a VGA to component into PJ from Iscan, which takes my PAL sources from S-video from amp.
I also use component to PJ Multi (cable comes with HS-10) from amp for my NTSC units.
I think I've covered every avenue there is (thanks to Gavin_Hall) but am still waiting for my DVI cable..

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