Koss Pro4AA/T headphones & iPhone 4


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I've been using a pair of Sennheiser CX300II's for a while now, and while I don't dislike them, I am utterly tired of in-ear headphones. They're either horribly uncomfortable (Despite trying every permutation of the little rubber plugs they supply), and I have awful trouble with the cable catching on something and pulling one side out, or the cable hanging down and thus dragging the darned things out as I walk. As such: Time for a change.

I've been looking (Rather longingly) at a pair of Koss Pro4AA/T, however. I'm fully aware that iPhones, and iPods, lack the grunt to run larger headphones - Of which the 4AA/T seem to be the type - And assume some sort of headphone amp would be required.

The homebrewer in me is looking at building a CMoy Pocket amp, since it seems small enough to be unobtrusive, and to my admittedly untrained eye, to do what I want - Add power enough to compensate for the weaker iPhone output.

However, I am an untrained heathen in the headphone world (And arguably the home theatre world), and would appreciate some advice from people with more experience and knowledge - So here I am!

For reference; My music tastes are varied. For example. I have Ennio Morricone and Converge on the same iPod, and exclusively use shuffle.

Is the combination of iPhone 4, a CMoy Pocket Amp, and Koss Pro4AA/T an acceptable one? Are there any pitfalls to the proposed solution?

Ideally I'd like to not stray much beyond £100, if there are better suggestions, although if another solution proposed has some exceptional 'phones, I could wander towards £150 - Although, for that budget, I don't expect exceptional :p


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Any particular reason for choosing the Pro4AA/T's? I used to own the Pro4's when they came out many years ago, ended up selling them for the ESP-10 electrostatic headphones, which I still have to this day.

However Koss arnt as good nowdays as they used to be, the Pro4AA's are ok but there are better headphones for the same price, the 250ohm's of those headphones would ideally require you to build a cmoy, but if you went for something a little more sensitive & lower impedance then you could do away with the cmoy & put the cash towards the headphones.


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To be honest, there's no major reason other than I like the styling, and the idea that they're tougher than the majority of the plastic based headphones floating around today.

As for the cost of the CMoy, it's fairly negligable (Parts might set me back £20 shipped, three-four hours build time), give or take.

What would you recommend, ignoring the Koss for the moment?


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Well the problem with Koss nowdays is build quality, I was going to buy their new electrostatic headphones at one time but was put off by various reports of poor build quality, the Pro4's might be better but being as they are quite a lot cheaper than the electrostatics I was looking at I wouldnt bet on it,

Of course saying about build quality, the Koss are the only headphones with lifetime warranty which means you can exchange them as many times as you want, but thats only any good if you live in the US of course.

I think anything from Senheisser would be a better buy, HD555, 595 etc or maybe something like the AKG K142HD or also the Audio Technica ATH-AD700, they are built quite nicely & suprisingly accurate sound quality & always get good reviews.

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