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I'm having a devil of a job finding good AV equipment at the right price in Ireland. All the cheap UK stores for some reason won't accept a credit card with Irish delivery, and I'm afraid I'm *not* wire transfering that sort of money, I'd need the protection my credit card offers.

So onto Komplett .. I've bough lots of PC kit from them, and apart from one delivery mess up (which they did sort out) they've been great.

They have the panasonic AE500(€1,724) which seems to get good reviews, but they also have for similar money:

ASK C50 1100 ansi lumens (€1,808)
LG Projector RD-JT30 XGA, 1400 ANSI, DLP (€1,779)
LG Projektor RD-JT40 XGA 2000 Ansi Lumen (€1,728)

Though they only have small stock of these other ones. Are there any reviews of these anywhere or does anyone have one? Are they an alternative to the Panny?

Anywhere else apart from Komplett do credit-card sales / Internet prices to Ireland?




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Hi and welcome to the forums.....

I have sympathy with your experience....... out of the ones you've listed on Komplett, the AE500 is the only option I'd choose for HC... the others are primarily business projectors and wouldn't really be on my radar. That price from Komplett is about the same price as an AE200 or a Sny HS3 go for locally so it's a good deal.

As far as the UK is concerned, I've had some etailers (Empiredirect is one I recall) who refuse to accept a credit card from me - something to do with them being able to check it through their banking etc.. You could try some of the forum sponsors - Nexnix have a good reputation here, Ivojo did a deal that started a Z2 frenzy (!) or if it was my money a good option right now around the price of the AE500 would be to try Disconttv - Ben Millar is a forum member - who are offering the Sny HS20 for about €2100...... a brilliant price by comparison to local pricing here (€3600 !!), and certainly in a different league to the AE500 (ask Kramer.....:laugh: ).

Good luck with your search............... Come back and tell us ow you get on......

Sean G.
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