Question Kodi Video Playback Suddenly Freezes But Timer Continues


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I am running the latest version of kodi on the nvidia shield tv which is also on latest update.
I have run kodi continously for years without issue only needing to reboot for updates.

Few days ago I noticed the video wasn't playing and no sound as well, but the timer on the status bar was still moving.
Nothing I do can make it play again.

Opening a new video only plays the first few seconds (without audio) then the video stops again.
Force stop app, restart app, clear cache... nothing will work. Only a complete device restart can make playback come back. But the issue returns within 24 to 48 hours

I even unistalled and fresh installed and build library from scratch. Problem reappeared within 24-48 hours.
When ever kodi has this freeze I can still navigate the app no problem, only the playback has an issue. The timer continues even past the video length. I tested a 33 second video. It froze but i just looked again and the timer is almost at 10 minutes. it will continue until i restart the device
I tried installing smpc and vlc player to see if it was a NAS problem but I can access and play the same videos no issue whilst kodi is having the playback freeze

I also tested this with a video file stored on the device internal storage. Same issue happenned. Video freezes after a few seconds without audio.

The only recent change I have made is :
change from tvdb to tmdb for TV shows
Missing Movies add on installed
Backup add on installed

here is the log seems it was too large for pastebin
so I only included the lines within an hour of the freeze

full file is below
log after kodi reboot (too large for pastebin)
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