Know anything about 360's video scaling capabilities, (i.e. with dvds).


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I was watching the dvd with the 1st issue of the unnofficial XBOX 360 mag, where a guy from Microsoft talks about the scaling chip in the 360. This chip will take the standard def signal, (like the 480p from a dvd), and convert it into high def progressive signal, (not sure whether that's 720p60 or 1080i60 or bioth!?). Question is, is it likely that'll do a better job than the scaler in my Toshiba HDTV? :confused:


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I was wondering about this too. I'm on the fence about getting a 360 from launch.. Will it upscale DVD's to 720p?.. would be nice. Will it play my existing XBOX games in 480p/720p as my soft-modded machine does? If so I'll drag my a*se into town and trade my XBOX and Gamecube (plus various games) in now against a pre-order. Still set on keeping my PS2 just to play GT4 though.. can't bring myself to part with it yet.. what can I tell ya.. I'm a petrolhead!


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My moneys on no upscaling (call me a pessimist),guess we'll have to wait and see

richard plumb

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it'll play them back in 480p (576p if MS have done their PAL homework)

There is no chance they'll upscale to 720p as that requires the use of a protected digital output (i.e. HDCP), which the 360 does not have. So it'll be your standard progressive player only


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The 360 just does 480p, which is a shame! i wish it could do 720p as well!


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What about the (original) XBOX games, do you think you'll be play them in 480p / 720p ?

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