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First home theater. The room is the whole space above a 3-car garage. Getting (2) RP-8000Fs to fill entire room with music. In the home theater part of the room, the listening distance is 10 1/2 feet from the center channel. Trying to decide whether to get Klipsch RP-504C (four 5 1/4" woofers 150w/600w) or RP-404C (four 4" woofers 125w/500w) for center channel. Have a subwoofer. My receiver puts out 130 watts per channel continuous at 8 ohms which is what the Klipschs are.
1. For my listening distance, would the 504Cs sound better or would they be overkill?
2. Since my receiver's power is 130w, is it correct that the power capability of the 504Cs above 130w could not be used and that the 504Cs would therefore be a waste?
Thanks for any help.


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AVForums (UK) doesn`t have many Klipsch owners sadly. I recommend to check out Klipsch forum as there is lot of owners who has tested every model available. RP-540C is basically same as the RP-504C you mentioned, cosmetic upgrade and some small changes. They sound more or less same so you can search with that model some comparisons. But from what i have seen Youtube videos, AVSForum (US) klipsch owners thread, Klipsch forum ages ago - i remember most people have chosen the largest center channel with 280F (same as 8000F).
Home Theater

Overkill for 3meter distance? No! Some people have much larger center channels on similar distance. I wouldn´t worry about wattages either as Klipsches are so easy to drive. The price difference between those two models is very small.

In perfect world you would have three of same speakers at front (or more..). So third 8000F, but as that isn´t likely possible, then you start thinking what would be closest matching to those large 8000F (2x8") towers. RP-504C it is (same power handling and almost same sensitivity)!

This is of course thought so that you can place both center channel as optimally as possible, so close to seated ear height & free air.

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@Jerry1 I am not sure if @Gasp3621 has done a survey of AVForums members brands of centre speakers, but I use Klipsch in my set-up. As a US brand they do seem to be more popular in the USA, but we use them here in the UK too, plus there are many US, and international AV Forums members. All are welcome :)

I have a couple of their upfiring speakers for atmos, and used the RP250C for a centre, but recently swapped it out for an R34C, purely for aesthetics and size, it's a better fit for the space. They sound identical in my set-up.

I think either of the two in your shortlist would be fine, go for the one that you can place in the best position. I doubt that your receiver is able to output 130 watts per channel into 8 ohms, all channels driven, but the Klipsch are very sensitive so don't need that much power, although additional headroom is always nice.


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Thanks Rambles! It's a 19-yr-old Pioneer VSX-47TX Elite from 2002 I got cheap recently. Manual says 130w per channel for 7 speakers including ones they're calling "Surround back." The thing weighs 62 lbs. I feel like I got a good one based on your answer : )


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I know that Rambling guy is only Klipsch owner writing at this HC section. There is few members with those large Klipsch center channels, but they are gone. Anyway, i will mention other sites to new members if it can help them, that is not to scare them away. Everyone is welcome here of course and i think Jerry1 will keep coming back later on for other things.

Those old THX Ultra2 flagship receivers were lot more powerfull than todays receivers! 62lbs frickin tank! :eek:

  • New High Efficiency "Direct Energy" MOSFET Circuit
  • Stereo: 160 Watts per Channel (20 - 20 kHz @ 6 ohm, 0.09% THD)
  • Surround: 130W x 7 (20 Hz to [email protected] 8 ohm, 09% THD)
  • Surround: 160W x 7 (20 Hz to [email protected] 6 ohm, 09% THD)

    And, Pioneer's Direct Energy Super MOSFET circuit delivers 160 watts of power (at 6 ohms) equally to all channels..


    Wife friendly Denon 5805 was even crazier! 6000$ and 100lbs!!:D




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I recently purchased the RP280F Klipsch fronts, and initial findings, are large soundstage, excellent imaging, so am going from a Tannoy centre, to a Klipsch, checking specs/reviews, and will probably order this weekend. I use Mordant floor standers for sides/rears,smaller for highs, three subs. Marantz preamp, marantz 7 and 5 channel amps. As I live on the Scottish Moors, with no neighbours, sound leakage only upsets the wildlife!.


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Not sure what to expect when upgrading from an old system,SO, ignoring new setup syndrome, wide/deep soundstage/Clarity/instrument separation, and of course, because of the speaker efficiency, achieving concert hall levels at 50% not 60% volumes.Good job no one lives within a mile of me!. Photo main, and other sub, plus one of 4 side/rears. Two subs now ordered.


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what is the main difference between Klipsch RP-504C and RP-404C

This would be 2m away from listening position and just wondered if the near £200 price difference was worth it for the 504C

I am looking to upgrade my Wharf. DX1 5.1 system with 8 Ohm speakers as I have just installed 2x cambridge speakers for near-ceiling atmos speakers and i find the DX1 center a bit small-boxy sounding.

its for a Small room too.

Also, if i get the 404C or RP-504C, i may just get Klipsch 5.0 home theater bundle and sell the center speaker - as its a small room i can probably make do with small speakers, but everything will be 8 ohms then and i'd like to have the best possible center speaker.


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Klipsch are super popular in america but not here, why? Is it they are more for massive rooms?

Prices are lot higher in UK, tough to compete. Also the looks are bit special that isn´t for most people. :) There is models for small to large rooms. Klipsch also prints the sensitivity figure bit different, it`s not fully comparable to others. They are more efficient, but not as much as people think.

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