klipsch or wharfedales?

Richard Fenn

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I have been offered a full 5.1 klipsch quintet sl set up for a great price. However i have also looked at the wharfedale moviestar 65+ which are roughly the same price. I'm more tempted by the klipsch but thought i'd better ask the more knowledgable folks of this great forum what they think?

Cheers, Richard.

Richard Fenn

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Got myself the Klipsch :)

Just got to decide on an amp now ...


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I suspect you made the right choice.

As far as an amp, we would need a budget.


Richard Fenn

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Hi Steve,

I think I'm going to go with the Onkyo 609. Just gotta save up for another month first :rolleyes:

It may be a bit much for what I need at present but I'm thinking at least I won't need to upgrade it for a few years :)

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