Klipsch KG 2.2 Bookshelf Vintage Speakers


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I am able to get my hands on those speakers but I would like to check how much do you think they are worth and how much I should pay for them.

The model has been manufacturing between 1992 - 1994 but the speakers do look like they have been well looked after and still sound very clear (the bass isn't amazing but I suppose I can't expect much from 2 x 6.5" cones). If I were to compare them with my previous Valdus 500 (8" woofer cones) speakers, I'd say that these ones produce bass 2x or 3x times more quiet.

Here are the full specifications of the model:


I believe those are similar model from Klipsch (even though they only have one woofer - Klipsch Reference RB-51 II and are selling on Amazon for £350 for the pair. Are the KG 2.2 better than them or not?

Thanks for your help.


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The Klipsch KG 2.2 Bookshelf are an MTM bookshelf design with twin 6.5" bass drivers. Bass response is deep but not super deep for a bookshelf speaker. Still on par with most bookshelf.

Klipsch KG 2.2 - Hi-Fi Database - Bookshelf and Standmount Speakers

How good they are depends on what condition they are in. Particularly the conditions of the surrounds. More than any other speaker component, the surrounds are the aspect that an deteriorate over time. Fortunately, the surround can be replaced.

By "surround" I mean that rubber or foam half-roll circle that separates the actual cone from the frame.

The surrounds can be seen in BLACK in this graphic -


Again, these, if they deteriorate, can be easily replaced for a modest price.

However, in terms of quality of speakers, and clarity of sound, you simply can not compare Klipsch to Wharfedale Valdus. The Valdus are big and powerful, but they will not have the balance and clarity of Klipsch speakers.

As to the New Klipsch Reference line, very good speakers, but uniquely Klipsch. Horn speaker have a very distinct sound that you either like or you don't. Assuming they are good speakers, and assuming they are relatively balanced, I actually like the sound of horns.

Though worth very little given poor YouTube sound quality, I have speakers that have Dome/Cone drivers and Horn/Cone drivers. Here they are playing the same song -

Mid/High + Cone Bass

Dome Mid/High + Cone Bass

How well this will work for you depends on the quality of the speakers you are listening on.

In my view, on the horn speakers, the guitar comes off light and airy, where as the guitar on the Dome speakers comes of more full and smooth. Also, the vocals are clearer and more present in the Horn speakers.

The Horn Mid/High speakers I built myself, and the horns are massively louder than the cone speakers, so I've had to turn them down substantially to get them balanced with the bass.

Both speakers would be considered mid-price-range consumer speakers.

Again, this applies to the new Klipsch Reference, but the older KG 2.2 use a different type of tweeter, a metal diaphragm type not a horn.

So, in short, whether the KG 2.2 meets your needs, depends on what your needs are, what the final prices is, and the condition the speakers are in.

If you can get them for a bargain, it is hard to go wrong. However, if the seller has an over-inflate sense of the value of the speakers, then perhaps best to pass on them.

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Thanks for your reply.

I couldn't identify exactly what the foam/rubber is however I have attached pictures of the speakers and you will be able to see that on 3 out of the 4 woofers you can see some red/green dry stuff around the cones. Another thing is the mud-alike stuff which can be seen from the insides of the cabinets. I have attached pictures below, however the resolution on the photos is a bit too large so you may have to scale it down (CTRL + scroll down).

Left | Right speaker
Left speaker Top woofer
Left speaker Top woofer (side)
Left speaker Bottom woofer
Left speaker Bottom woofer (side)
Left speaker Back
Left speaker Inside
Left speaker Inside 2

Right | Left speaker backs
Right Speaker Back
Right Speaker Inside
Right Speaker Top Woofer
Right Speaker Top woofer (side)
Right Speaker Bottom Woofer
Right Speaker Bottom Woofer (side)

I don't have any clue what price range would be a bargain for this kind of speakers so could you please give me such one so I can have an idea? I would randomly guess £150 is kind of okay considering the age and the similar pair with the horn and just 1 woofer (slightly less powerful) selling for £350 brand new.

P.S. Are my findings any vital signs with regards to their (not-as-good) condition?

Thanks for sparing your time with me.
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The surround is that rubber or foam ring that surrounds the actual cone and attaches the cone to the driver frame. They generally look good. I suggest you touch them, if they feel crumbly or gritty beyond the common collection of dust, they they are probably deteriorating. If they feel smooth they are probably fine. Generally, they look fine.

As to the black stuff inside, I can only guess but likely that is Ferro-Fluid that has leaked out of one of the tweeters. They put this thick viscous fluid in the tweeters to dampen them. That is, to suppress resonating in the tweeter diaphragm. A good analogy would be similar to the way hydraulic fluid 'dampens' the bouncing of a coil spring in an automobile's suspension.

But then, that is just a guess.



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Thanks for your reply.

What price range would you advise me to pay for these kind of speakers? Any idea as I really haven't got any clue:
- 30-50
- 250-280

Just give me any numbers/range as an example for me to work with.


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