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Klipsch Fives?


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Is anyone using these for cinema? I do consider buying soundbar samsung q70r, but found these klipsch... are they any better for movies than that soundbar?

and few other questions:
1. Does Fives have eArc??
2. I would like to mount them - any recommendation for wall mounts?
3. If klipsch are better than q70r, are they much better (they cost twice the prics of q70r)...

any opinions are welcome:)


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A bit late, however, I hope it will be useful.
A couple of months ago I was happy, but now I started to hate these speakers despite their sound which is good.

1. Wall-mounted - to me, sounds a bit weird, because of the rear port. Speakers hum when are close to the wall even in Bass Cut mode.
2. eARC - Fives has a single HDMI which is connected to the HDMI Arc of the TV
3. HDMI - at some point, probably, after the update, I found that the auto-on stopped working. The only case when it works is when there are no other sources connected to the Fives. Probably a bug.
4. Looks like the HDMI connection makes the sound worse, even if I use, say, Phono input.
5. Subwoofer - requires Bass Cut, which requires the firmware update, which leads to the issues with the HDMI.
6. Both Dynamic EQ, Flat EQ hum in a small room, which leads to Bass Cut ... HDMI issues :)
7. Subwoofer makes the loud BOOM when the TV is turned off. Sometimes the same issue when I press a pause on the TV's RC.
8. The speakers have a DSP-engineered sound, which leads to a bit muffled voice especially when the speakers are used for cinema. The solution is to connect a sub with the Bass Cut enabled...
9. The speakers are full of bass and the subwoofer(SB-1000) always creates issues with that part. So, either don't use HDMI or don't use it for the cinema, just for music content with the Bass Cut.
10. I tried to put an acoustic cloth into the port. I used a pair of clean white wool socks.

After exercises with the socks, I decided to replace these Fives with the more classical solution - a dedicated receiver with passive sealed speakers.

So, what I think at the moment - these speakers a little bit buggy and definitely over-engineered.

Upd: I would tell that these speakers should not be used in the tiny room as mine one. They just require enough space behind. If I fixed these bass issues I would not sell them.
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