Klipsch BAR 48 Soundbar Review & Comments


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It's 2019 and why companies like Klipsch, B&W, Sonos, Bose etc. are unwilling to adapt to current status quo on the audio front remains a mystery.

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I suppose the thinking there is if you are pricing a £500 soundbar, quality of sound must be the priority? I mean how can someone like sonos sell the beam for £399 and consumer expect atmos audio? I think the focus is correct and it should be on sound quality. I were to consider a soundbar for atmos duties it would only be the ambeo which costs £2200 and can actually do the job of 3D audio... that’s my thinking...


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Hi! THis can be found online flutuating between 299 and (as of now) 314 euros. At this price point do you think this would be a better buy than say a sonos beam (assuming that the main variable is just stability/sound quality and not the missing 'smart' features) ?

Thanks in advance!
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