Question Klipsch 5.1 - need help

First: sorry for my english - it isn't my native language. :censored:

We are remodel our living room a bit and my 5.1 system can finally move from the small hobby room to the "large" living room! :clap:
I currently have the following components: 1x Klipsch RP-440C (center), 2x Klipsch RP-160M (front), 2x Klipsch R-14S (surround), 1x Klipsch R-112SW (sub).

I'm thinking of: 1x Klipsch RP-440C (center), 2x Klipsch RP-280F (front), 2x Klipsch RP-160M (surround), 1x Klipsch R-112SW (sub).
So I would upgrade to the RP-280F floorstanding loudspeaker as the front speaker and move the current RP-160M to the rear area.
Would that be a good idea?

I thought of the RP-280F, because I could buy them as a new old stock for about 750 € (pair).
With the RP-280F - my complete Reference Prime Series would match. I don't know, if floorstanding speakers from the "New Reference Prime Series" would match to the other components?
Btw: when I bought the RP-160M, I was also able to hear the RP-280F (or 260F, I'm not sure anymore) and was really impressed from them! :)

How do you rate the current positioning of the speakers in my living room?
About the placing of the rear speakers + subwoofer, I'm very unsure - is that good as it is or should I consider something else?
Could the many windows cause problems?

Nothing new has been bought / furnished yet, so the whole thing is just an example and not yet 100% final. (Couch size / shape, ... )
Only the large TV cabinet remains and the dimensions are entered correctly in the plan.
I would like to screw the TV to the back of the wall using a wall bracket and pull it forward / place the center underneath - the surface where the center is placed of is about 47cm high (~ 18,50 inch).

I am basically happy with my current R-14S "Dipole surrounds", I like the diffuse sound image very much (e.g. when playing video games and you stand with your back to a waterfall - you really think the entire "real" back wall is a waterfall), but sometimes I really miss clarity / "clearness" from where the sound come.
Unfortunately the sound quality of the R-14S does not match the rest of the system, so the R-14S are necessarily have to leave for something better.
I could of course buy suitable RP-240S or RP-250S, but these would also be at 600 € - 700 € (pair price - new) and that would make a big hole in the budget, which could also be useful elsewhere ... (AVR, TV, couch, ...)

The passage to the balcony is a bit narrow in the model - about 60cm (~23 inch), so dipoles would of course be "better" than the large bookshelf speakers for functionality. But soundwise?

I hope I was able to explain everything clearly (and convertet everything correctly from cm/m² to inch/ft²) and would be very happy about your opinion!

Thank you for your help! :hiya:


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Those speakers should be ok..The front 3 speakers should be the same tonally.. the rears not as important if they're not the same range.

In a 5.1 setup the rears should be aiming above the main listening position.

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