klill bill now or later?

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what do u guys think: should i buy kill bill now or wait untill later for the multi disk uncut version or boxset.

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Err, depends on whether you want the single disc version or the multi disc uncut version;)


Matt Horne

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Do you want to see the movie now ? Don't forget Volume 2 will be out on DVD first then followed by the multi-disc set.. so I would have thought at least a year...



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I'm going to rent out Kill Bill on Monday to satisfy my urge to see the film again. Go and see Kill Bill vol2 at the cinema in a couple of weeks time. Then wait for the boxed set.

Rambo John J

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I was going to wait but then decided not to. Should have the uncut disc before we go along to catch part 2, so that should be a nice refresher.

Although to be honest, if I hadn't been on these forums more than usual I'd have found it much easier to resist the temptation of the uncut Thai version:suicide: :thumbsup:


Now And Later
Iwant the uncut now and theres no 100% guarantee we will ever see it in the UK despite claims


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I pre-ordered mine from HMV (free keyring!:clap: :D ) - got the email yesterday saying that it had been dispatched - I wanted to buy it now as I missed it at the cinema and want to go see KB2


There's no guarantee that we will see the stand alone versions re-issued uncut. The 'Special Edition' mentioned on here looks like it's going to be a merged version of KB1 and KB2, but not necessarily one simply tacked on the end of the other, so, in essence, it could be a 'new' film, but hopefully an 'unrated' cut will be available from the US, and the UK cut will be uncensored anyway. I am getting KB1 (Thai uncut version) now, and seeing what happens.


I was going to wait but i do really want to see it having missed it at the cinema, and am getting the urge to watch it so may give it a rental then wait as i wouldnt mind seeing no.2 at the cinema.

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