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    If you play Counter Strike: Source and are in a clan, then test your skills and join Klanwars. Klanwars gaming leagues are online, fully interactive, scalable gaming league applications. With the amount of options and user and administrator interaction tools at each participants disposal it's not fair to call it a site, it is far more than that.

    It’s Report-based, meaning the loser of a match must report their loss. The site allows for several ways to discourage cheating in any fashion, including clans or teams or individuals who do not report losses. An advanced IP tracker tracks every move a player makes and allows an administrator to easily match IP addresses to problem users and also permits them to ban IP addresses for participating in the league.

    Tournaments are run monthly and reset at the end of each month and all of the stats for the finished month are archived forever and a champion is crowned for the winning clan and highest rated warrior. Stats are kept for several dozen various category types and broken down into two divisions monthly stats and career stats. Monthly stats are reset at the end of each tournament (=month), career stats are kept for as long as your account or Clan remains active.

    Klanwars also includes a fully integrated playoff system for the end of each tournament. The winner of this playoff will get a free Counter Strike: Source server for thier clan.

    So what are you waiting for? Join the Klanwars CSS league and show whole the world how good you are!

    - Klanwars Main Site: http://www.klanwars.com
    - Klanwars CSS League: http://www.klanwars.com/default.aspx?League=21
    - Klanwars Forum: http://s147596577.onlinehome.us

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